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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  May 16, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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person. >> after that last one, there will be a waiting list. tucker and tony and allison will take us up until 10:00. enjoy your monday. >> thank you. we appreciate it. here is a look at the stories we're following for the 9:00 hour. he's one of the most powerful bankers in the world and a potential candidate for president of france. now dominique straus-khan, head of the international monetary fund, is in a new york jail wit we'll tell you what police say happened inside his $3,000 a night hotel room. and another update on endevour in a few moments. and also answering your questions about your pets this morning. dr. katie nelson joins us in studio to give us the information you asked about and bringing a few little guests with her and they are not dogs and cats. something different this morning. >> something that is considered a great first pet for a lot of kids. >> that is correct.
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>> do you know what it is? hi, tucker, what is going on outside? >> our weather is not ideal. we have sunshine across the area. it is sticky and tropical and that is the same around here today and the entire week. our five-day forecast is easy. just copy and paste. let's get right to it and temperatures are mild, 63 at reagan national. it's fairly pleasant outside right now. 16 in hagerstown. down at the beach, ocean city, 67 degrees. and 66 in fredericksberg. looking at our morning radar. a few light showers moving through during the early morning hours. and you can see off to the south and west toward fredericksberg and charlottesville, starting to get some organization showers and they're moving back in. so much more showers in the forecast later today. there is your forecast for this afternoon. 74 with showers and
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thunderstorms returning. >> tucker, thank you. four, three, two, one, zero and liftoff for the final launch of endevour, expanding our knowledge, expanding our lives in space. >> the space shuttle endevour lifts off making history as it makes the final flight. it took off a few minutes ago. >> we showed it to you live here on fox 5 but craig boswell got to see it in person and he joins us live from florida with more. good morning, craig. was it beautiful there? >> reporter: amazing. good morning to you, steve and allison. i've described this job as a front seat to life and never has that been more true than to watch space shuttle endevour liftoff this morning. you could see it for 20 seconds before it disappeared into the cloud cover but you could hear it. endevour now five or six minutes into the mission, a 16-
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day mission. now flying at more than 5000 miles per hour. and the sound that comes off the launch pad rocks your chest and kind of moves you and vibrates along this kind of stage that we're standing on here among the hundreds of other camera crews standing here to watch the space shuttle endevour blast off. huge emotional attachment to this particular mission given that commander mark kelly is married to gabrielle giffords and her remarkable recovery that is ongoing from an assassination attempt. she is here at the kennedy space center and watching this mission from a private area. watching her husband command this mission. she actually flew into the space center with the pilot's family, gregory johnson's family and flew over the launch pad yesterday to get a final over view of this. but as you watch this video from 7-8 minutes into the 16- day mission, the final for the
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space shuttle endevour. back to you. >> craig boswell, thank you. we are following a developing story out of northern virginia. a young man killed while moving his car off a road. this happened on route 7 near drainsville manor in herndon late last night. the 19-year-old was hit from behind while pushing his car in the eastbound lanes. he died at scene. so far no charges have been filed against the driver. and we are following another deadly car crash. this one in montgomery county. three young people were killed in this crash. this happened in the 4700 block of olney-latensville road at volunteer drive in olney early yesterday morning. the driver of the car facing serious charges. stacy cohan is live near mcgruden high school in rockville with more now. a truly tragedy story. >> reporter: it is horrible. we just spoke with the principal. very somber tones.
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he said the entire student body is devastated. he's been the principal there five years and knew the kids. they were just a couple of weeks from graduation. the seniors get out of school next week. so it's been a very difficult morning at mcgruder high school. let me tell you what happened. there were five young people in a car traveling on olney lateonsville route road, route 108, a wind of a windy -- a bit of a windy road. it smashed into trees anda utility pole at 3:00 and three were killed, including spencer pratt, haley mcguire and 20- year-old john hoover who also died at hospital. another male passenger is being treated for nonlife-threatening injuries. and i can tell you the principal told us that these kids were good kids, good students, had lots of friends and he's hoping that some people will be able to remember how they lived as opposed to how they died.
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>> all of the kids were good kids. they made the most out of high school and others were in college and so they did everything they could to maximize opportunity. unfortunately this is something that took all of that away. >> reporter: all of the kids once again former or current mcgruder high school students. and that would include the driver. i'm told the driver kevin coffee fled the scene after the accident. there was a brief hunt for him, three hours later he was located fear his home in rockville. he is now under arrest, being held on $500,000 bond. he is scheduled to appear in court later this afternoon and charged with at a minimum leaving the scene of an accident and failure to provide aid and there could be more charges coming. reporting live, i'm stacy cohan, back to you. >> stacy, thank you. and now to the developing story of the arrest of the head of the international monetary fund. dominique straus-khan is one of
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the most powerful men in global banking. he's about to face a judge in new york on charges of sexual abuse. police in new york city say he forced himself on a chamber maid at a shanky hotel. carolyn gustoff has more from the courthouse. >> reporter: this is quite an international sex scandal playing out here in manhattan criminal court. dominique straus-khan expected to be arraigned later this morning. right here behind me. he's charged with criminal sex assault, attempted rape and unlawful imprisonment. he's accused of forcing himself on a chamber maid on saturday in times square. maid told police she thought that the $3,000 a night room was empty. straus-khan was found inside naked and he chased her down a hallway inside the suite. forced her to perform a sexual act and then hours later called the hotel because he left his
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cell phone. that enabled police to track him to a flight at kennedy airport and they boarded the air france plane just moments before takeoff and arrested him. he was later identified in the line-up by the maid. all we know is that she's a 32- year-old woman, an african immigrant. straus-khan is represented by bin man bratman, attorney to the stars. he said he will plead not guilty and denies all of the charges an intends to deny this. and this is a blow to a man considered one of the most powerful in the international community. he is the head of the international monetary fund. that's an organization of 187 countries. and it lends money to countries in financial distress. he's also considered the front- runner in the next french
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election for the president. he is a socialist candidate against nicolas sarkozy. he's been married three times. he's considered a womanizer, a man whose been dubbed in france as the great said user. he is expected to be arraigned here in manhattan in several hours. now back to you. >> as she reported, france is in complete shock this morning over the arrest. and the conspiracy theories are beginning to fly. some think he was set up to give sarkozy an easy win in next year's presidential race. allison? now to the historic flooding in the mississippi delta. flood gates were opened over the weekend and the police have told people to get out before the water rushes in. the morganza spillway was opened for the first time in
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four decades. army corp of engineers are hoping to spare low-lying areas in new orleans and baton rouge, louisiana. >> this is not something that happened overnight, this is a steady rise. peep -- people were prepared. but it's still heart breaking to watch your house go under water slowly. every day you lose a little bit more of your life. >> thank god for them folks. they came together and put their heads together and they stopped the water from coming down here. >> the federal emergency management agency is expanding help to louisiana, adding another 11 perishes to the 22 already getting emergency assistance. president barack obama will travel to memphis, tennessee, today to deliver a high school commencement address to speak to students at booker t. washington high school. they beat out other high
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schools in the race and challenge. things have been stepped up for security due to the visit the president. the area has seen a down-turn and it's nice for morale. and thousands of police officers converge on the u.s. capitol. a look at the fallen officers from our area and all around the country. and there is one fewer name on the short list for the republican nomination. why mike huckabee said he won't run. back in a moment. don't go anywhere. it's 9:11 now. 
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thousands of police officers converged on the u.s. capitol on saturday to pay tribute to fall an comrades. they were joined by relatives all adding flowers to a memorial wreath.
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one woman gave birth to triplets after her husband died in the line of duty last year. fox 5's tisha thompson has the story. >> hector i. ayala. >> reporter: as melissa placed a single red flower in the wreath, the small army of montgomery county police officers held her four small children. >> this is my family. >> reporter: already the mother of a 2-year-old boy. melissa gave birth to triplets, all girls, after her husband, montgomery county police sergeant hector, died in a car crash last year. >> with having the babies i haven't had much time to grief but i'm proud to do it. >> reporter: she came to the national peace officers memorial service to help remember more than 160 officers who died in the line of duty this year. >> this morning is a time for all americans to reflect on what we ask of law enforcement and to remember all that law
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enforcement provides in return with no expectations of recognition or reward. >> reporter: department of homeland security secretary janet napolitano who lost nearly a dozen officers herself this year placed the first flower into the wreath. family members followed, one flower for every fallen officer, including metropolitan police officer paul ditmo who died and mark barrett died in a training drive. and dean riding died at lake anna while patrolling the lake. his fiancee placed a red flower in the wreath for john brown while providing security for a prince george county restaurant. carlos jenson's patrol car crashed in college park.
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and of course sergeant ayala who was responding to a fight in wheaton when his patrol car crashes. >> there are officers out there risking their lives. and i think we need a little bit more respect out there. >> reporter: respect for the sheer number of red flowers and their families filling up the wreath this year. at the u.s. capitol, tisha thompson, fox 5 news. >> after the ceremony, the wreath was moved to the national law enforcement officer's memorial engraved with the names of more than 19,000 fallen officers. allison? former arkansas governor mike huckabee announced that he won't be running for president in 2012. so who will win over his supporters? g.o.p. presidential candidate ron paul made his case on fox news sunday. >> i would say i'm pretty well equipped and i've had a fair amount of experience. i was in the military for five years and that gives me
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experience. so i would say i'm pretty well equipped. but to brag that i can run things, i don't do that. because that's not what a president is supposed to do. i president is supposed to guarantee and work for the protection of liberty and allow people to take care of their problems. >> former house speaker newt gingrich announced his candidacy. he spoke on meet the press this weekend. he said america is at a cross roads when it comes to fiscal responsibility. >> we have a moment in history where we can get our house in order if we have the courage to stick to the job. i helped balance the budget for four straight yearsch we did it by cutting taxes and bringing the unemployment rate down to b the number one job in america today is to get people back to work. >> gingrich didn't give too much away when asked about other republicans like romney and trump and he only said both men are capable of raising enough money to be viable
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candidates. president obama is now willing to expand drilling for oil in the gulf of mexico and in alaska. however, he also wants to stop giving tax breaks to big oil companies. senate committees will be in hearing this week. but the president as plan to nix those tax credits is meeting resistance and some of that resistance is coming from his own party in a state that has oil to give. >> i would rather focus on these broader issues, maybe a larger energy plan or tax reform. that's where we should be having these discussions, not just on one industry and picking out one industry. >> the republican legislation requires the president to extend these leases and to make decisions within a reasonable period of time, like 60 days for example or if they are going to deny the drilling permits to explain in writing why not so those can be appealed. >> president obama's internet address over the weekend included his push for
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development of alternative energy sources and making the nation 33% less dependent on foreign oil in the next 10 years. massachusetts senator john kerry is in pakistan as tensions continue over the death of osama bin laden. he gave a list of demands to pakistan's army chief. they outline u.s. suspicion that's pakistan is protecting militants. he is the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee and the first american visitor since the raid that killed bin laden. clashes between palestinians and israelis leave 16 dead, thousands of palestinians taking to the streets yesterday for knock-bud day which marks the founding of israel. they protested along three of israel's hostile boarders. in the north with syria and the west bank and also in jerusalem. more violent protests are expected in september when the u.n. votes on a possible palestinian state. the commonwealth of
9:21 am
virginia setting a long-term dispute with a muslim inmate. when that inmate will get as a result of a 7 year legal battle. and holly is hitting the book this is morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, allison. right now i'm engrossed in the 6:00 o'clock scramble. and the author and the mayor would like you to come out to the book festival and we'll tell you all about it live later. and here is a look at today's trivia question. this one in honor of the endevour's final mission. including the current mission, how many shuttle missions have been made to the international space station, 18, 27, 36 or 40? the answer is coming up in just a little bit. so you can take a guess now on our facebook page. keep it here. we're back right after the break. i love this music. [ music ]
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the fairfax county school board will consider changes to its student discipline policies today. they include cutting down the average time it takes to determine a student's punishment. in the past that's taken as long as 20 days to determine. the plan also called for allowing parents to listen to records of disciplinary hearings. cass mabbagers -- case managers would be assigned to students whose suspension is longer than ten days to make up class work. the faa is investigating the emergency landing of an american airlines plane forced to land in arkansas late yesterday afternoon after reports of an engine fire. the plane landed safely and no one was hurt.
9:26 am
the plane was traveling from dallas to washington. a prison mate in virginia has won a 7 year legal battle with the state allowing him access to muslim reading materials, cd's and dvd's and the inmate will receive $2,000 and a library at greenville correction center will have to stop muslim readings and recordings. we are answering vet questions this morning. and we'll tell but a popular pet, the guinea pig. and weather advice for the day? keep the umbrella handy. tucker is up with the fort. and we learn about a special event this week. it's one you can go to and we'll find out all about it coming up.  [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
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there is a live picture of the washington capitol. i'm sorry, of the capitol building. >> yeah. and here is my question, weather guys. i thought it was supposed to be rainy today? >> no. you're not listening closely. >> well all i saw was the big cloud on the five-day. >> that's accurate. >> but you have to listen as well. tucker will tell you all about it. >> there will be periods of sunshine as well as the possibility of a shower or thunderstorm. >> i think you oversold the rainy. >> well just like yesterday, remember, we had much of the day what sunny and -- was sunny and humid and then at the end of the day it was showers and thunderstorms. it's the same kind of case today but i can't guarantee you won't see a shower or thunderstorm pop up in an hour. the atmosphere is unstable so it won't take a lot to lift
9:31 am
things up. >> got you. now i'm listening. is there a spacecraft landing on the building? >> something is going on. we go to the live shot. and not a lot going on. we are starting to see showers pop up again just to the south down towards fredericksberg, richmond starting to see showers. and we don't have it here. off to the south and west at charlottesville underneath that bug there. more showers toward roanoke. and that will bubble up in our atmosphere today and we'll have the possibility once again of showers and even the possibility of some thunderstorms in our forecast a little later today. so be ready for it. and bring along an umbrella just in case. and let me show you the bigger picture of the satellite radar and you'll see the showers and thunderstorms died off overnight and we are in between systems with a mix of sun and clouds out there. but there you go off to the south and west, the showers and thunderstorms will be redeveloping here later on today and and their yeah of low pressure out to the west -- an
9:32 am
area of low pressure out to the west, cut off from the jet stream, it will sit here and drift for the next several days. so the possibility of a shower or thunderstorm will be in the forecast not only today and tomorrow, but wednesday, thursday and right into friday. and that atmosphere near atlanta will pinwheel up here tonight and so a better chance of rain around here for tomorrow and wednesday. temperatures not bad. in the 60s. we really jumped, 67 now at reagan national. 70 in frederick. 65 in annapolis. feels humid out there and tropical. and it will be is for the remainder of the day. 63 in leonardtown as this air mass will not change gears any time soon. more clouds than sun today. showers and thunderstorms return. 74 is your daytime high with winds out of the north at 5-10. and showers in the forecast overnight. 60 your overnight low with winds out of the north at 5. good chance we'll see rain tomorrow. could be a thunderstorm as
9:33 am
well. 70 the daytime high. let's do it again on wednesday and you'll enjoy thursday and friday too. and by saturday just partial sunshine with temperatures in the 70s. let's go back to the desk. and tomorrow is the big weather day event at nationals park. tucker barnes and i are broadcasting from there tomorrow morning. and then tomorrow at 9:45 we begin our presentation to school children from all around the region explaining to them or perhaps they'll explain to us the principles of weather and how it works and effects baseball and then the kid get to stay for the game which is at 1:05 tomorrow. for more information go to weather day. >> i know you blog to the people -- you belong to the people but i'll miss you tomorrow. >> one day. and they are larger than hampster and larger tan rabbits
9:34 am
and make great first pets. >> but like other pets, guinea pigs need special tender, love and care. anne yu is in studio with a vet that can talk about that. did he make some noise. >> it's my new friend, cinnamon. i'm joined by dr. katie nelson. thank you for being here. and you see these fur balls also known as guinea pigs. >> that one is getting excited about his debut. >> he's getting excited. there you go, honey. and -- and we're talking about them. and we got some facebook questions for. >> about guinea pigs. >> and i know you pulled some strings and brought some in today. the first one is from cecil and he asks, what is good advice for taking care of a guinea pig? what can and can't they eat or drink. and in tim pell hills community
9:35 am
center, i bet they have a pet there. >> well make sure you do get a veterinary involved because they do have nutritional needs, vitamin supplementation that they require. so do have veterinary care. these are not disposable pets. they can live 3-7 years and so when you take one on you are taking on a responsibility of a pet. this is just like a kitten or a puppy. just a lot easier. >> no need to be walked. >> they are easier. they just require some cage maintenance, some very specific nutritional needs but they do require veterinary care so make sure you have a vet involved so you can get a dietary plan and care plan in place for how long you need to clean their cage or take them out and completely make over the cage and what kind of environment do they
9:36 am
need in they have these tiny toes so make sure there is nothing like a wire mesh bottom. they need a net bottom to not get caught. so get everything mapped out. >> and also we should mention that these guys don't belong to the pig family, they are rodents and they are not from new guinea, they are from south america, right? >> right. >> i think a lot of people wonder about that. >> they are not pigs. >> and our second question is from jen and she asked, if your dog gets stung by a bee and swells up, is it okay to give them benadryl and if so, how much. >> again i'm going to refer you to your vet because you don't need to be giving any drugs to your pet without talking to your vet. if your pet has a heart condition or some real allergy- already on a antihistamine, don't give them
9:37 am
that. so if you see your pet get stung, call your vet. they are probably not going to say you have to come in, just say yes, you can give them benadryl and here is the dose. and if you see them get more swollen or if their tongue starts to swell or you start to see them breathe with some difficulty, that's the point where don't stop or pass go, go directly to your veterinarian at that point. >> our next one is from christie and this is the one fun. she said why does my cat make we watch her. >> there are a lot of cats that are social eaters. there is no great explanation for it. but when you stand up and start to walk away, they are done. so if you have a kitty that is a social eater that is a normal weight then sit there with them while they are eating. if you have a kitty that is a pig, then it's okay to walk away every now and then. >> kittens are like human. >> a lot of them are social and that's all. and our last one, barbara
9:38 am
asked there is poison ivey on the route where we walk our dogs and they almost always go near it. can they catch it and pass it on to us. >> it's rare that a dog will get poison ivey unless it comes in contact with air hairless area like their belly. but they can absolutely 100% pass it to you if you are allergic to poison ivey. i've read statistics if you are gardening and you touch poison ivey with your glove, a year later, if you pick up that glove, you can still get it. so it's very highly contagious so if you see your dog go and get into the poison ivey, take them home and give them a quick bath. >> very good information there. well if you are interesting in adopting cinnamon here, and harry. log on to and we'll be sure -- to link the
9:39 am
alexandria shelter. >> i love their little vices. so cute. well the president and ceo of the phoenix suns makes a personal announcement about his personal life. what he hopes to accomplish when we come back.  [ mom ] can a little bowl of cereal change your life?
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welcome back. phoenix suns president and ceo rick welts has revealed he's gay. he told the new york times that he came out to help break down what he calls one of the last significant social barriers in sports. he began his 40 year nba career as a ball boy for the seattle supersonics and later joined the league office and was the architect of the all-star weekend before joining the suns. he said he did speak to the nba commissioner before making the announcement. opening the buzz bin this morning with a look at the
9:43 am
weekend box office. thor continues to punch his way to the top of the box office for this weekend for a second week in a row. are you laughing at me? >> because he's not the star. >> and nobody seems to remember. and thor raked in $34.5 million. the comedy bridesmaids debuted in number two followed by fast five. the priest and rio rounded out the top 5. >> i saw bridesmaids, and it's very fun. >> i love both of those ladies from snl. i'll see that one. if you are a book fan we have something you will love. and if you are not a fan, be ready to become one. holly is up next with an event you don't want to miss this weekend. >> and young mab are having their lives turned around at a especially place called our house. now those helping the kids need your help. details about an event featuring a good time and great music. we have it all right here. we'll be back in just a minute. 3q
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welcome back to fox 5 morning news. i'm holly morris. and on this beautiful monday morning, i am spending time in gaithersburg where they are gearing up for the second annual gaithersburg book festival. and this event, in a very short time, is really putting gaithersburg on the literary map. and this is where you want to be come saturday. judd ashman is the chair of the festival and joining me once again. you have 80 plus authors. and very well known, award winning new york times best sellers. how did go about getting them all to come to gaithersburg on -- on one day? >> it wasn't that difficulty once we got -- difficult once
9:48 am
we got ahold of them. >> reporter: i like to put my bookmark in and see how far i've read and so point out some highlights on saturday. >> well you talk with matt loglin earlier in the broadcast. we have paula mclean the author of this great week about hemmingway. and we have mpr's scott simon coming to be with us. for those of you jfk conspiracy theories and wanted to know what happened at the grassy knoll we have a couple of secret service agents. >> reporter: it is really a who's-who. and then authors are doing demonstrations as well which takes us to eva goldfarm, the author of the 6:00 scramble and syndey cast who is the mayor of gaithersburg. >> i don't know about how long. >> reporter: and we'll talk
9:49 am
about what we are making? >> we are making the spinach basil wraps and which is great for a picnic or light dinner in the summer and we're going with seasonal fresh ingredients. and i bought a bunch of them yesterday at the farmer's market in bethesda. so we use this mango chutney and you spread it around like glue on half of the wrap. and then -- you need a spoon. here you go. and then -- that was creative. and then we take a few of these basil leaves, just grab a little handful. and lay them across. >> reporter: and i want people to understand the point of the 6:00 scramble. >> oh, it's easy, healthy, family-friendly recipes you can make when you get home from work at the end of the day in a quick hurry but still healthy and delicious and your kids
9:50 am
love them. and we'll add who doesn't love the javarte cheese. and we'll try not to eat the pepper. and then a few of the peppers and line them along here. >> reporter: and then i'm assuming we roll it up. and i want to take about the mayors book club which has been beyond successful. >> absolutely. we go to the third grades in any gaithersburg elementary school and ask them to read months during the month of april and to see what school can read the most and young person can read the most. last year they read 5200 books in the city. this year one school did that. they read close to 10,000 books total during the month of april. that's the third grades. they'll be honored during the bethesda children's book festival this saturday and they'll all get awards. and of course they get to have a pizza party with me and i'm going in june to be with them and the winners also get to
9:51 am
ride with the mayor and council in a trolley during the labor day parade. >> reporter: that is fantastic. citys get known for a lot of things but this festival, where does it fit in for you? >> it's a highlight. it's judd's dream and he came to us with this thought. we tried to do this and it was successful but it was not as successful. and he said let's try it again and we said okay and we're with you. >> reporter: so judd, we made this wrap for you. is our website. we have a link to the gaithersburg book festival going on this saturday. so much going on from workshops to continual things going on in the children's activity area, all of the authors that will be here. you can have free parking at lake forest mall and the whole event is free. unless you sign up for the workshop with a nominal fee of $10 or more. and some good food. back to you. well abused, abandonedond orphaned, young men turning their lives around at a special
9:52 am
place called our "our house." >> and we have more about the successful long-running program and the future plans. good morning, gwen. >> reporter: good morning, tony and allison. our house is changing their lived and giving them a home and job skills and education but they have a waiting list and they want to expand and build a new eco-friendly dorm and they are getting help from a program called "air" to raise funds for the project. and joining me now is richard beanby and musician darrell davis who is performing on may 20th at this huge fundraiser. we call him bennie for short. bennie thank you for being here today. how important is our house to these boys? >> it's their home. they live here. it's their last place in life. they are between the ages of 16, 17, 18 and 19. without our house, they don't have a place to go. >> so those are kid that's --
9:53 am
kids that have slipped through the cracks. >> some people call them throw- away kids. >> and what can people expect? >> a wonderful time. we have great musicians and a live auction, a silent auction and unusual and outstanding donated gifts for people. and a good time. >> and who are the key people. >> general colin powell has lent us his name. he can't be here but because he believes in the program, he said use my name. sheila johnson will be this to speak and bringing with her connie morrella and thomas manger, willie jolly, ken harvey. >> you have a good group. and sue palka and allison seymour. and now darrell you meantor the resident musicians and just amazing students and the
9:54 am
program is around since 2005. tell me about it. >> the strathmore program has been around since 2005 and it compliments it's mission by the arts and residents program which cultivated local metropolitan area musicians and connects them with emerging artists and internationally established artists to promote careers. >> so what do the students experience? >> not only honing and refining their craft, but what we offer a business component so they can have a sustaining career in music. we teach them about marketing, self-promotion, et cetera. >> so what are some successes? >> well let's see. we have crystals bacon who recorded an album with marcy markster and kathy fink and went on to be nominated for a grammy. and fred yeoman now on tour with prince. >>s that great. who are some of our musicians here today. >> we have alicia ward here on
9:55 am
the cello. ms. chelsea green on the violin. mr. noble jolly on the keyboard, matt wiggler on the keyboard and mr. nathan jolly o >> well we need everyone to come out and support. let's hear some of this great music that's going to be there. [ music ]
9:56 am
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